Friday, June 8, 2012

Team AstraQom Training Tip, Week Two

Hello, again, Team AstraQom! Here's your second weekly coaching tip:

By now (I hope!) you know how much time you can spend walking or running, and have taken a close look at those shoes. This week, let's answer the question, "how hard should I run?" Better yet, let's ask that question in a different manner: "how easy should I run?"

Most entry-level runners...and experienced ones, for that too hard on the days which should be easy and too easy on the days which should be hard. In your case right now, everything should be easy. There are three ways to judge whether you are running (or walking) too hard:

The first and most technologically-dependent way is to use a heart rate monitor. The benefit of using a heart rate monitor is that you you can place a specific number to a subjective feeling. The down side is that a heart rate monitor cannot tell you what your maximum heart rate SHOULD be. That usually takes a treadmill test and a trained physician or physio. So, let's get a little more simple.

You can judge your effort on a scale of one-to-ten, with one equalling the feeling of "gee, I would be asleep right now if I were any more relaxed" and ten being "oh, gosh, if I were to take another step at this effort level my heart would blow up." Researchers have found many athletes, when telling their perceived level of effort on that scale, aligned with maximum heart rate estimates. That meant an athlete who felt their workout was a five of ten was most likely working at 50-percent of their maximum heart rate.

But, let's get EVEN MORE SIMPLE. It all comes down to conversation. If you are running at a speed where you cannot speak a simple sentence without being short of breath, you are running TOO HARD. Slow down until you can talk.

So this week, get out on the paths and trails and make like Dr. Doolittle...go out and talk to the animals. Or, you can make like Stevie Wonder and ...

Talk to me any time!
"Coach Mike"

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