Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Workout for Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Still warm. Getting dark sooner. Temperature 86*/Index 92*/Humidity 63%/Wind 10mph S

MB, Deena

Warm-up - 2x 1mi parking lot loop (a little less hilly, less traffic!), 10x 100m striders
Set 1 - 5x 200m (50m recovery) @ "fresh" pace
Interlude - 400m jog, 8x 100m striders
Set 2 - 8x 200m hill repeats (return to start/2:00 recovery) - average pace 0:55-to-1:00
Cool-down - 400m walk/jog

NOTE: Original intent was to do :40 hill rep with :20 sprint at top. 2:00 recovery just enough, as HRmax was 145-150.

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