Thursday, January 20, 2011

Workout for Thursday, January 20, 2011

Temperature 54*/Humidity 77%/Wind 7mph W/Rain 40% chance
MB, Deena, Allan, Gary

Warm-up - 2x 1mi parking lot loop, 10x 100m striders

Set - 3x mile; 1200m at "up-tempo fresh", 400m at "good build-up" (400m recovery)

Cool-down - 400m jog/walk


Probably the most grim I've ever seen any of these guys look going into a workout. Yes, it is the first time we've ever done repeats longer than 800 meters, and the first time I've done repeats longer than 1000 meters at this track.

We were chatting and joking during the first 400m recovery; after that it was fairly quiet.

I backed off the effort on the third mile and we all kind of pushed each other through it. It's unnerving to hear footsteps on your outside shoulder with 200 meters to go and think someone's going to go high-stepping by on the back stretch.

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