Friday, April 2, 2010

Workout for April 1, 2010

Conditions: Comfortable. I'm not kidding! 72*, sunny, slight breeze. Bottle it and you'd make a million dollars around here.

Participants: Marie, MB, Suzanne

Warm-Up: Easy trot from track through parking lot to front of Pelican Park.
Set: Run Pelican 5K loop from Pelican Park to UWF track, to softball field west of track, through outfield to "third base" of practice diamond infield, along road between softball fields back to main driveway, down to track, 350m of track, then return to track gate and up to parking lot, return to end of parking lot before Pelican Park. Repeat previous loop, then return to Pelican 5K interim start/finish point (which will be stretched out just a skosh!).
Cool-Down: Easy trot from font of Pelican Park back to track.

Comment: The grassy sections of the Pelican 5K can be fairly mushy, depending on weather and relative humidity. The first loop had some sections which were less than acceptable, but we figured out better adaptations. Endure, adapt, adjust, overcome.

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