Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Workout for Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Christopher Severy Day! Tim Catalano & Adam Goucher's blog for October 12 had a touching tribute to the late University of Colorado cross-country runner, whose tragic death was a central theme in the latter half of Chris Lear's 1999 book, Running With The Buffaloes.
Beautiful! Temperature 76*/Index 76*/Humidity 69%/Wind SSW 13mph
MB, Allan
Warm-up - 2x 2x 800m parking lot loop, 10x 100m striders
Set 1 - 5x 200m (50m recovery); 2 "fresh," 1 "good build-up"
Interval - 400m jog, 8x 100m striders
Set 2 - 5x 300m (62m recovery), switch between "fresh" and "good build-up"
Cool-down - 400m jog, 10x 100m striders

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