Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Track Workout for Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weather - pretty nice. A little on the cool side at the end.

Participants - MB, Deena, Fawn, and three visitors/newcomers (forgive me, it takes a couple of workouts for me to get names unless something memorable happens!).

Workout -
Warm-up - 2x mile road loop, 10x 100m striders
Set 1 - 6x 160m (40m recovery) @ "fresh" pace, or "2 fresh, 1 good build-up", 400m jog, 8x 100m striders
Set 2 - 3x 350m (50m recovery) @ "fresh or "up-tempo fresh" pace, 400m jog, 8x 100m striders
Set 3 - 5x 200m (50m) recovery) @ "fresh" pace

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