Friday, March 26, 2010

Workout for March 26 2010

Conditions - overcast, slightly humid. No rain, though...that happened during the early afternoon.
Participant - MB
Workout - Since a solo workout, and last gasps of creeping crud...
ET - 8.2mi in 60min, avg HR about 60%MHR
Editorial comment -
Why is it people are completely incapable, or unwilling, to turn off electronics they turned on when there's a little note on every television in the gym asking:
- Keep the volume at a respectful level, and
- Turn the equipment off when finished?

And then, when you ask them to shut the son-of-a-gun down, they look at you like you should do it with your remote control? Excuse me, but I don't have a remote...(REDACTED)!

I have more respect for the iron-pushers doing their weight training by the comparison to the cardio-geeks (yeah, yeah, and such are some of you...I know!).

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