Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Workout for March 9, 2010

Conditions - cool, humid, slightest trace of rain.
Participants - MB, Suzanne (warm-up), Scott, Robert
Workout -
Warm-up: 2x1mi - 10x100m striders
Set 1: Scott - 5x200 (fresh, good, good build-up), Robert - 5x200 fresh

400m jog, 8x100m striders

Set 2: Scott - 4x350 (fresh, up-tempo fresh, fresh, good build-up), Robert - 2x400 (fresh)

400m jog, 8x100m striders

Set 3: Scott - 8x160 fresh, Robert - 6x160 fresh

400m jog, 10x100m striders

MB - 10x500

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